Flatpack Kits

Build It Yourself or We Can Do It For You

Our transportable kit dongas come as a flat packed option, build it yourself or have us assist with construction on location.

Flat pack dongas or granny flats are ideal for both residential and remote sites. They are widely regarded for their versatility and can be used for many different applications such as housing, extra accommodation, student rooms, studios and offices. The flatpack kits that we supply are built to last.

With many floor plans available, we can deliver flatpack kits  world wide.

  • Ideal for remote locations
  • DIY kit or installed for you on-site
  • Variety of applications
  • Super easy to build
  • Can be delivered  practically anywhere

A great option when accessibility is limited.

Dongas from $10,900 (6m x 3m ) Cabins from $22,900 (9.8m x 3.3m) 

  • Our Dongas as a flat pack option come fully modular with all panels cut to size.
  • They come with an easy to follow set of plans backed up with phone support if required.
  • They come complete with all hardware including bolts, rivets, screws and adhesives as well as windows, doors and floor coverings.
  • Whatever you require, we can supply complete flat pack packages, from accommodation that is fully self-contained with kitchenette and bathroom, to site ablutions or offices. We can flat pack the package in its entirety to your specifications anywhere in the world. Or you can opt to have the basic structure only.
  • Don’t want to build it yourself? If accessibility is an issue, or you live in a remote location where we can’t transport a fully constructed building, we can assist with assembly on site.